Firm Profile

Gerrish Smith Tuck Consultants and Attorneys is the nation’s preeminent consulting and legal firm for community banks, thrifts, and their respective holding companies that focuses exclusively on community bank corporate and regulatory issues. On the legal side, Gerrish Smith Tuck Attorneys focuses primarily on community bank mergers and acquisitions, bank holding company formation and use, C corporation to S corporation reorganizations, employee benefit issues, including the establishment of ESOPs and KSOPs, and securities issues, including capital raising through common stock private placements and bank stock loans. On the consulting side, many of the firm’s directors facilitate strategic planning retreats for community bank directors and executive officers, and the firm has extensive experience in providing financial advisory services, including the issuance of fairness opinions, stock valuations and financial modeling to assist with strategic decision making. The firm also currently serves as counsel to several bank trade associations, including their strategic planning endeavors.

The firm’s attorneys and consultants are experienced in assisting investor groups and community bank clients in organizing new banks, offering bank regulatory guidance and examination preparation, and assisting troubled or problem banks in negotiating, contesting, and complying with regulatory enforcement actions. In addition, the firm offers advice and guidance to community bank clients regarding executive compensation and employee benefit plans.

Mission Statement

The client’s needs come first.

This statement guides every act and service provided by Gerrish Smith Tuck. We understand the importance of community financial institutions to the directors, officers, employees, shareholders and community, and strive to ensure that each client’s needs are fully met as if each client was our only client.


Gerrish Smith Tuck was founded in March 1988 by attorneys and consultants with a passion for representing community financial institutions. Founding Directors Jeffrey C. Gerrish and John S. Seabold carry the same passion today as when they founded the firm. Gerrish Smith Tuck has provided guidance to community financial institutions through great lows (including the savings and loan crisis and the recent great recession) and great highs (including mergers and acquisition transactions for four times book value when the industry was recording record profits), leaving it with the experience and expertise necessary to guide community financial institutions through all challenges that may arise in the future.

A full list of services provided by Gerrish Smith Tuck can be found on the Services page.